The Climate Resilience Centre has been founded as a flagship research, technology and innovation centre for climate resilience and ecological transition in Catalonia and Spain with international reach to work in coordination with social and economic stakeholders, society, the business community in all sectors of the economy and government.

The centre has been set up in Terres de l’Ebre, one of the most threatened areas in the Mediterranean where climate change’s impact is already being felt, in particular in the Ebro Delta where it is adversely affecting ecosystems, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and other business sectors.

The CRC intends to project itself in other territories through the creation of Living Labs in accordance with the Catalan Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (ESCACC), in collaboration with regional ecosystems, in order to become a proactive and dynamic agent in the different territories of Catalonia.

The CRC is to be a proactive driving force for coastal, inland and mountain areas by deploying technology-based tools to make them more resilient to the effects of climate change and also by pinpointing potential opportunities to generate wellbeing and unleash fresh business ventures that are sustainable, responsible and inclusive.



Observatory: measurement, data processing, discussion, conclusions, predictions, etc.

R&D and innovation

Cross-cutting and applied strands, in-house or with partners

Transfer and innovation

Through projects and services with businesses, government and other stakeholders

Communicate, raise awareness

The general public, social and economic stakeholders, businesses, government, the scientific community, international networks, etc.

Input to policies

Ecological transition and adaptation. Strategies, instruments, programmes. Global, regional

Specialised training

For businesses and other stakeholders. Specific, value-added training in the field

Living Labs

Living LABS 2 Catalan Coast

Living LABS 3 Metropolitan Area

Living LABS 4 Pyrenees

Living LABS 5 Inland Catalonia