Deploying the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the European Union’s Green Deal in Catalonia

Terres de l’Ebre, a leading region in implementing new climate resilience policies through the Climate Resilience Centre

The Climate Resilience Centre is a centre of excellence which is a benchmark in Catalonia and an international pacesetter driving research and innovation in adapting to the climate emergency while also seeking out transformational solutions to shift towards sustainable development and digitalisation.

New building at amposta

Inauguration of the CRC Building

Based on the intensive use of sustainable materials, the new “Edifici Llavor” located in Amposta will centralise the CRC’s activity as well as the R+D+I actions of other projects and initiatives. One of the great distinguishing features of the new “Edifici Llavor”, among others, is its Test Bed Building concept, which will allow new technologies to be demonstrated in full-scale building envelopes.

About the CRC



Leadership in climate change adaptation


Developing methodological tools and innovative and effective technologies to move towards sustainable development


Driving the rollout of shared strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation and economic transformation

Project implementation

Devising tools and solutions to address mitigation and implementing high impact research and innovation powerhouse projects

Research and innovation

Research and innovation excellence through setting up Living Labs


Firm commitment to climate change adaptation and sustainability

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