New center on Climate Resilience

The Climate Resilience and Ecological Transition Centre is a centre of excellence which is a benchmark in Catalonia and an international pacesetter driving research and innovation in adapting to the climate emergency while also seeking out transformational solutions to shift towards sustainable development and digitalisation.

The centre is working to roll out the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the European Union’s Green Deal in Catalonia, giving Terres de l’Ebre a leading role in implementing new policies while also supporting actions across the country, in the EU and in third countries.

This commitment will be pursued by drawing up a shared strategy and building a network of institutions to maximise the impact on the economic recovery of several key industries in the country, including the industrial sector, agriculture and tourism, in which safeguarding ecosystems, the digital agenda and the circular economy are crucial action strands.


Unleashing R&D and innovation to become more resilient to climate change and foster sustainable development by fast-tracking the ecological transition through applied research of excellence, technology and innovation and in close partnership with technology and knowledge players, businesses, government and society.


Be the leading R&D and innovation centre in climate resilience and adaptation to climate change in Catalonia and the Mediterranean and achieve significant international impact.


The CRC, a future tool for climate change adaptation

In full alignment with the ecological transition policies of climate change mitigation and adaptation, the CRC will operate as a networked centre working for businesses and institutions.


In ongoing consultation with stakeholders on the ground to address challenges and opportunities in adapting to climate change

Utility and impact

Prioritising and driving strategic initiatives, applying and developing technology, and seeking utmost access and impact

Excellence, neutrality and ethical principles

Undertaking initiatives and projects led by experts with a distinct technological approach and applying best practices and ethical principles.

Strategic goals


Spearheading climate change adaptation and ecological transition with significant international impact

Methodologies and technology

Building innovative and effective methodological tools and technologies to fast-track solutions for shifting towards sustainable development across regions, businesses, people and tiers of government

International strategies

Fostering and supporting the rollout of shared strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation and economic transformation along with international agendas (the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the European Green Deal, the Paris Agreement, etc.)


Developing tools and solutions to address mitigation and adaptation while also being an enabler of opportunities for tackling climate change


Identifying, promoting and implementing high-impact research and innovation projects


Publicising the knowledge generated and empowering society. Sharing scientific information for strategic decision-making