Last Friday, 9 June, Eurecat Amposta welcomed executives from several Business and Climate Foundation (FEC) member companies. Eurecat and the FEC work together on climate resilience by identifying and delivering solutions for businesses to address climate change. Attendees included firms such as Fluidra, Hera, Baleària, ACS Recycling Electronics, Sorigué and Borges. Eurecat also presented its operations and the Climate Resilience Centre’s work strands. The visit continued at Riet Vell with onsite sampling of the BIORESILMED project.

In attendance were Adam Tomàs, Mayor of Amposta; Xavier Torra, Chair of Eurecat; Xavier López, Chief Operating and Corporate Officer; Carlos Ibáñez, Guillem Quintana and Juanjo Martín, along with Ferran Bertomeu, Juan Marco Escudero, Vanni Nageli, Silvia Frías, Pep Cabanes and Judith Molero from the Eurecat Amposta team and Joan Abelló and Míriam Vendrell from the communications department.